Friday, September 21, 2012

LoLa Art Crawl 2012

"Daddy Wuz A Pistol" upholstered chair with assemblage, $650
End of August, Miller Upholstering participated in Longfellow neighborhood's art crawl, LoLa 2012.  This is an Eastlake chair frame that guest Mosaic and Assemblage artist Glen Riddle and I worked on together.  This chair is available for show or sale by contacting me at the shop.  Glen and I would like to see it traveled around and enjoyed if not purchased outright, instead of sitting in storage!  

Glen brought some pretty incredible pieces to show and we sold a few...

"First of October" assemblage, SOLD $300

"Sonuvagun" mosaic, SOLD $375      


We had a lot of fun throughout the 2 day art crawl and met with many art enthusiasts and those from the neighborhood who saw our doors open, bright yellow Lola signs outside, and thought this was the opportunity to come in and see what Miller Upholstering was all about.   Some didn't even know we were having an event, and just came to look at fabric and see about getting their stuff reupholstered!  We had Sangria, Minted Lemonade, tapenade with pretzel sticks and pizza from our (new) favorite place -  Longfellow's own Parkway PizzaWhat a blast - we'll do it again next year.  Don't hesitate to contact the shop if you're further interested in Glen's work  - I'll track him down for you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Will Be Closed A Few Days...

Tuesday through Thursday of this week, in fact, as I travel down to southwest Missouri to mourn the passing and celebrate the life of a dear lady, my stepmother Wanda Jo Wickware
I'll see if there's time to snap some images to share of her life in textiles, craft, and homemaking, as she was highly influential in my choosing a handcraft as a career. 
In her 79 years she was masterful at many decorative and domestic arts and will be sorrowfully missed by the family, especially my dad, to whom she was devoted.  

Back to Minneapolis to open shop Friday the 21st of September at 10 a.m. sharp!

From Start To Finish

Here's a post from a while back that had lost it's image links.  Someone was asking about Cogswell chairs just yesterday, so...