Thursday, July 5, 2012

If You Have A Rocker Like This

... And it's not been reupholstered since 1950, you can feel the springs because the padding's worn down and when you look underneath, you see "bar cone" springs like this...

You should stop sitting in it because you'll ruin the springs, which are darn near irreplaceable today for some measurements of frames.

See how the lowest point of cone spring winds down to secure in a hole punched into the metal band? Well, not every bar cone system is rigged like this, but on this one, they've shifted due to repeated sitting. This'll cause the springs to get so misshapen that they won't feel right after reupholstering.

Another reason to maintain your good furniture pieces when they need it, and not put it off, if you can help it.

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Location:Miller Upholstering, E Lake St USA

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