Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can I Borrow That Skirt?

Sorry friends, for the infrequent posts - have been quite busy here in the new shop that's not open yet, with walk-in's, calls and emails that fill the custom calendar.  Here's a quick post just to get back into the swing, and know I'll be back sooner than later next time.

A simple hem-shortening project for a linen bedskirt was brought in, and has given me desire for full soft polished cotton or linen skirts... this from Matteo in Los Angeles, the nicest linen I've ever seen. You cannot believe how silky this linen is. AND you can purchase yardage from them. If you don't get to L.A. be sure to check their website. I'll just have to get out my ever-dwindling supply of vintage full skirts, as I haven't time to sew up any new...that is, if my daughter hasn't made away with them all -

...and a fantastic little film of their operation, crisp and clear in black and white.

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