Friday, May 28, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture, II

Ahh, Minnesota. Land of ten thousand lakes, the call of the loon near the shining Big Sea water.

The ice cold St. Louis River tumbles over shale rock and has plenty of walleye, northern pike, muskies, small mouth bass and...  

... a recliner in the middle of nowhere.  Actually just before you enter Jay Cooke State Park.  In case anyone wants to  wade out there through the weeds to retrieve this beauty and take it home with them.  Or sit and take a load off.  And look, it's one of those horrible mauve velveteen overstuffed things, with the drapey attached pillows over arms and back.  Unbelieveable.  One day, Planet Earth is just going to give a mighty shrug to rid itself of pesky man who continues to litter all over everywhere with his/her trappings of so-called comfort and convenience.

Or how about an early misty morn in Minneapolis, contemplating a lovely pile of trashed furniture.

Are kidding me? An Eames chair unceremoniously dumped. It's looking at us. It looks like the robot maid in the Jetson's. The other one's not too bad either, in an 80's mod kind of way. Upholstered arms and legs, all 90 degree angles, could do, could do..

This perfectly-fine-to-fix black rattan (I forgot the brand, this picture is a few years old), chucked in Bryn Mawr alley.

And one more tasty tidbit to leave you with - these just found recently - another Parking Lot Abandonment case, this one in St. Paul. Now here's a couple of keepers for sure.


  1. aH! picked all these up from the curb?

    I can't wait to see what you do with some of this... I'll be watching.

  2. The pair of blue chairs are fabulous. What a great find. I love your blog. I've been upholstering for years and was fortunate to have one of the best teachers at Houston Community College. I'm always on the look out for road kill to redo. Lots of competition out there now so I have to act quick or else it will be gone. Check out my work at my Etsy shop - ljindustries. I'm working on a chair now that came out of a flop house in Galveston. I'm sure it has some good stories to tell. Keep up the good work!

  3. A good teacher is a wonderful thing, I had a couple of good ones also. Copy on the "road kill"...always keeping my eyes peeled too! Will definitely go shop your etsy store, will want to see the flop house chairs, send pics!!
    Thanks, Helen

  4. That rattan chair rebuild is impressive.

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I live in Longfellow 10 blocks to the east of your new location and spend a few nights at Merlin's Rest. It's great to see something new opening in the area.


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