Monday, April 5, 2010

1950s Brooks Upholstering Co. Kidney Shaped Chair 1/2

Barrel-backed and on short nearly hidden blond legs with brass caps, this chair 1/2 from Minneapolis' halycon days of furniture manufacturing just got it's first reupholstering ever.
Clients chose Robert Allen's BK Pop in Graphite, and I can tell you it is FANTASTIC to work with as it really takes the curves of the nose perfectly, (that part under cushion just behind your knees when you sit). Not to mention the full crescent of inside-back that I had to adjust vertical welting on 3 times before I got it right, to ensure there'd be no puckering before I buttoned...


Here's a peak inside the existing cushion, lest anyone wonders what happens to old foam petrifies into tiny dust particles that are horrible to live with. Reason enough to reupholster.

Inside back actually gets cut like this...

Position buttons, apply, then handsew the back. Why not use pli-grip metal stripping? Sometimes I just don't want to add anymore hardware to a piece of furniture. I like to handsew and can do it quickly. Plus, I've not purchased the handy button replacement syringe-thingy, so if these buttons ever fall off or come loose, I can get at them easier by lifting a handsewn back and sides, rather than the metal-gripped back and sides. Have you ever done that? What a nightmare...(especially in fraying chennille)!

 This chair looks so good from every angle. This is a piece I would be happy to live with and may do a sofa of my own in BK Pop, if there's one a mite lighter in tone, this almost too charcoaly for me, but according to the owners, it's perfect for their scheme.

Look how good "Letters" by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen designed in 1955, looks with this.


  1. Lovely work. You must be the most patient person in existence.

  2. I only recently found your
    'spot'. I was given the sweetest set of furniture for Mother's Day by my children. It appears to be 1930-ish.

    I've loved reading your detailed posts with pictures of the spring set up, as this is what is inside my settee and chair I'm sure.I've also liked reading your posts on furniture and the history of some of the makers from the past. That is all so interesting!

    I'm following your blog now. I've got so much to learn.

  3. With all the GORGEOUS Beacon Hill fabrics . . . . . . Why that boring bluse!

  4. Does my camera make it look blue? BK Pop in Graphite is charcoal, really almost black. If you've never thought of living with color blocks, you may want to try, it isn't boring at all, but it's all subjective, isnt' it? Charcoal, black, greys are fantastic neutrals to play color and pattern against. Beacon Hill's are indeed gorgeous, but ... well, BK Pop did the trick here.

  5. I stumbled across your blog, looking for (of all things) stuffing for vintage foam cushions. Such is the whimsy of the internet. Your skills are amazing!


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