Sunday, November 1, 2009

Twin Sherrill Sofas

Two big sofa's from Sherrill in the 90's. The cotton floral held up for about 13 years and now a few rooms in this St. Paul Mac-Groveland Queen Anne home are getting made over, one at a time. These are some seriously well made sofa's, whether they are a decade or two old, or if you're considering spending 3 to 5 grand for a new one. Reupholstered in Belgian linen, this traditional hardwood frame with 8 way handtied springs and all loose cushions get updated by losing the skirt and simplifying the fussy shirring at arm facings and minimizing the welt cording.

We can't wait to get rid of this.

Synthetic webbing is tight as a drum on both sofa's so I won't need to do those. A few of the strings tying springs have come loose though, so while not a full retie, some will be reinforced with new twine tied back to front.

Nails holding spring twine can work their way up over time. I just hammer them back down and often retie some new twine over. Also you can see the spring cover cloth was starting to come up and cotton padding would soon start to cave in...On old sofa's, this is usually burlap that quickly deteriorates and on spring-edge sofa's, lead to the beginning of your troubles with bulging noses and uneven seats.
New spring cover cloth to cover well over the wood frame and edgeroll clipped back into place, to give the nosing under cushions a nice rise at spring-edge front.

All coming off..and look how much nicer this is.  Similar to model 2280, current in Sherrill's catalog, but actually, I like this one better - it sits a little lower too, I think.  2280 has that exposed wood rail along the bottom edge. Last thing before cushion restuffing, was to vacuum and steam the feather down-wrapped seating cushions to restore their plumpness, so they fill the corners of the new linen nicely. We did the Henredon ottoman too, and the long window cushions. All very pleasing in the end.

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