Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bauhaus USA and Lee Sofa

This was a Bauhaus USA sofa purchased in the early 90's from local department store at the time - Dayton's, today is Macy's. The chenille was badly raveled and tore easily at welt cording and any where near edges hadn't held up well at all, which is the case in a lot of chenille's that aren't backed with an acylic coat or woven tightly enough to withstand lots of wear. The owner found a beautiful paisley-esque floral jacquard, a double weave that would withstand everyday sitting and cats sleeping - chenille is a fur magnet! Not a lot of pictures in-progress, but a few to show how nice a fabric like this can look on a sofa...

This next one was a newer Lee Industries sofa that was purchased new with an offending floral chenille fabric - Offensive to the owners, that is. They had local designer Susan Brown do the master bedroom where this sofa would end up wearing a new Pollack fabric.

...proving sofa's don't have to be antiques or completely dilapidated to get reupholstered - even newer ones can be in need of a makeover.

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