Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squeaky Springs

A very brief post here, while I investigate some squeaking sinuous or "no-sag" springs". Both sofa and chair have a not terribly annoying, but audible spring noise when you sit or get up. Now, this type of spring system is relatively maintenance free for years and years (no twine to break or fray, no costly hand-tying to replace) and if the wood frame it is tension-nailed to is hardy enough (as this one is - the wood has not split thru the grain due to weight load, or wear and tear), it is definitely worth reupholstering.

The length of connection to frame is still excellent - good job, Westwood Industries of Tupelo Mississippi!

I think to secure the edgewire the sinuous or no-sag springs are attached to, back to the frame just at the edge, will help end this squeaking. Each line of sinuous spring is secured to itself with strong little clips lined with thick paper, so you don't have steel-on-steel rubbing. There is chance the paper has worn away, producing a noise...that I can't go in and fix, but the edges for sure will help. Stay tuned to see the beautiful chenille damask that will cover this set, after a little repadding.

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