Friday, September 4, 2009

Pretty Spa Room

Just past the indoor pool, on the way to the backyard lakeside...

is a spa seating area of cushions and pillows in cool shades of blue and green. The contemporary shaped sofa's double boxed cushions get changed out for a single "mattress" cushion done in softly green and yellow with brown modern floral linen print, reminescent of a damask medallion. Pillows have that green, but also a lakey blue - the color of cold water. Accents of bronze and gold threads in the many tassled trim, stirs in light. Add a pair of 70's caned french revival chairs from Etsy store "helenmillerhandcraft", and this room provides a calm retreat.

Fabrics and trims chosen for this project include those purchased from JoAnne Fabrics and Calico Corners.

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