Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mid Century Slipper Side Chair

This was the first look at a small project, emailed to me with an inquiry on reupholstering. Lots of satisfaction in seeing this chair revamped. It's size and lightweight frame make it versatile to be used any number of places in the home. If this was my chair, it'd be all over the house. Looks like it's going to need a new layer of foam (unless it was all pure cotton), new cording of course, buttons, etc...but I'm sure the springwork will be sinuous - the low maintenence variety used by many furniture factories heralding the modern age. This was maybe not the original fabric, but probably a reupholster from the 70's or 80's. Whoever went at it did a lovely and long lasting job, but used the biggest nails they had, the kind usually reserved for several layers of thick fabric including cardboard tacking strip. Still, I think this spare frame with quality hard wood would have held the smaller, number size "3" upholstery nail just fine.

Whoa, look at the size of those nails! They leave big holes in the frame too. Using the smallest one for one or two layers of fabric is best when it comes time to redo a piece.

Burlap spring covers are fine, but are aged so I'll go over it with a new piece anyway (it's cheap) and this will prevent the new layers of padding from seeping thru the older fibers sooner than later.

The inside back's frame was originally covered with a much more densely woven hessian cloth, so no new layer is needed here. Just a new soft foam around front for resilience and cover with cotton to make smooth and fill the corners. The seat is done and the top of back will be tricky because of the decorative exposed wood rail on top.

Comes together fairly well thanks to the good weave of the modern jacquard fabric chosen. Looks like we don't need the buttons either, it would kind of interfere with the pattern of new fabric (S. R. Harris Fabric Warehouse in Brooklyn Park MN). A pillow sewn up from the small amount of remnants (4 yds did the trick for all) and this is ready to be enjoyed hopefully for another 30 years!

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