Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contemporary Tufted Loveseat

High design of this loveseat (manufacturer/designer unknown) has increased my skill level ten-fold and my shop's labor rate's going up - Ha! But really, "ask and ye shall receive". I said I wished for a big job just about now (nearly 4 weeks ago) and boy, did I receive in spades....more work than I can shake a stick at, but I want to back up and show this last project, because the results were very nice from velvet to a kind of brocade (Calico Corners, pattern All Dolled Up), and then there were lots of pillows and cushions for another project area elsewhere in this North Oaks home, with other soft furnishings still in the works.

Quirky curves will demand all my attention in measuring and patterning to get the newly sewn cover just right at seat edge and top of back where it meets the diamond channels. The weft of floating fibers in the back of the new brocade fabric will be tricky to keep in line on all the curves.

Flexible carved 1/2" fiber board is padded, upholstered and laid between 2" foam edge rolls to create the sculpted effect of this front apron or nosing of loveseat, which extends up and becomes the arm facings. Solid mirror-finished aluminum legs double lug-bolted into frame. Removed early in the takedown process, I immediately got a view of what was in store, in the way of staple pulling. The factory or custom maker had gone berserk with the staple gun and - well, is there really any reason for this gross overuse of stapling? It makes eveything take twice as long.

Have you heard the good news? Jesus was here. I love it when people write stuff inside frames.

I'm all for longevity of a piece, but did they really think there was a chance any of the 5 layers, each stapled down like crazy, was going to come loose? Isn't this overkill? Who's teaching these workers to staple everything down parallel with the direction of fabric, then go over that staple line 3 times perpendicular. And while you're at it, staple down one more time. Who's supervising these workrooms and accounting for supply costs running amok?

Okay, that is inexcusable. I didn't photo prop that either, those are the multitude of staples that came out when one (maybe two in a tricky area) would've been sufficient. Who am I now, the staple police? If it's the staple gun, somebody needs to get Jesus some new pneumatic tools.

Let's get on to the fun stuff. After marking the back of fabric of previously measured diamond channels, those get sewn. The trick was, that the 1/2" seam allowance wasn't consistant, and some diamonds I had to go as much as 1" so that the new cover would fit the originally carved out buttonholes, a bit irregularly placed, due to the camel back and rounded inside back.

I do love matching patterns, even though it wasn't essential on this sofa. I'll end with a few scenes of the combinations of texture and textiles in this lovely home.

Gorgeous embroidered sheer draperies diffuse the light coming in lakeside.

From Start To Finish

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