Thursday, June 11, 2009

French Fruitwood Settee

Repeat customer has selected woven fanciful florals and vine on dark ground for inside of settee. Not unlike the stylised palampore from an April post, this variation of tree-of-life pattern probably has another name or term, but I don't know what that is yet! My client chose to keep the faded rose outside back and arms - but I couldn't remove it intact in order to get to the insides of the piece to reupholster deck and inside arm panels. So we've sourced an almost exact color match in a washed vintage velvet. Surprise to see a previous vintage chintz this settee wore in days gone by...

Glue was too much along staple line to save the existing fabric on outside backs and arms.

At first glance, I thought a super cute chintz had been used as a stretcher, but further removal of top fabric revealed full blown upholstered vintage chintz still on, serving as muslin! Will definitely keep that intact for future generations and will keep photos of the print for my own archives.

A second to the secondary print, is this nosing stretcher (to make up my own term) or small tape of printed linen used as a shortened strip to sew the apron or nosing to deck. It's wonky hollow squares in grey printed on white is so modern and contemporary. And I like this technique that I've not done before, of sewing just the strip to handsew down. Quite easy and makes a nice sculpted curvy front without the bulk of a full piece of fabric under the upholstered cover (plus the chintz is already there serving as muslin). Really useful too, when the decking is not to be a neutral cloth, but all one piece of fabric.

Trace out the line of curve in chalk on wrong side of fabric and sew strip along this line to be the narrow bit sewn to decking to define the nose.

Decking and nose is done, so on to inside back and inside arms. I like the mixed patterns here and would even enjoy them all together if it was all new textiles I was applying.

Double welt cording finishes as trim.

From Start To Finish

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