Sunday, May 24, 2009

Susan E. Brown Interiors

Local designer Susan E. Brown presents a workroom with textiles and projects for her clients that even if difficult to handle due to the delicate nature of a given fabric or combination, are so gorgeous to work with that it's easy to get absorbed in color and pattern. Several hours later, the project is finished, delivered to residence, and the result of each new sewn or upholstered project added to her artistic mix is inspiring.

Lovely grounds of Minnesota lake home.

Indonesian, African, North American Native Arts featured throughout home, mixed with specially selected textiles for upholstery and soft accessories. Designers Guild Chittogarh/Ochre embroidered silk pillows with Brunschwig and Fils Marabout Rastignac brush fringe difficult to sew. The thick carpet-like trim with scant 3/8" seam tape all but makes needle and foot of machine disappear.

... a luxurious finished edge.

Beacon Hill's "Bibiana" on two 13th century Chinese chairs.

In the media room, plenty of plush seating for film viewing. "Beanbag" chairs of Bergamo, Kravet Couture and Robert Allen, a short row of theater seats and in the back, a pair of mohair chaise lounges with silk boxed pillows.

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  1. Oh I love looking for a couch myself, I have considered this type of couch. They look so cozy, the babe and I can comfortably extend our legs either way for movie night. The blue/gray velvet is perfection.
    More Info> chaise lounges


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