Monday, May 18, 2009

More Drop-In Spring Unit Seats

Lots of spring seats lately... 6 more came in and I thought I'd photo and post to help out those who may be attempting a DIY. Most people will go at the simple dining chair pad at one time or another, and they can with good results. Some designs though, have a little cut-out notch in the back that's tricky to work around and you also just want to make sure you layer things up correctly if there are springs, with a new burlap spring cover, original or new felt, straw, or curled hair pad, then fresh cotton.

That greyish wooley lump in there is like a carpet pad or felted material that is still in good shape - these chairs are old, but I don't think they'd had a whole lot of sitting on them. That pad will go back on the new layer of burlap with new cotton over it. The true joy of recycling...being frugal by not spending money on replacing supply that's still good!

All is smoothness.

I like to lay them all out assembly-line style and go to them all at once. Then you have an evenness of hand consistant with each other. Smooth edges is what you want, no finger marks or places evident where you handled it tight here, then slacked off there, just smooth edges. Not easy with exreme slanted sides like these. Some dining are more square and are easier to do - less wrinkles for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

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