Friday, May 29, 2009

In Between....

Couple of things going to journal on a little - would love to have a big project, I have the energy and mind set for it now, (like a couch or two, or a whole room) but these small projects will tide me over until something bigger comes along. (Post Note: Be careful what you ask for! Slammed with work in one day - Posts will be scarce next few weeks). Small straightforward projects that finish in a day or two each, gives an immediate feeling of accomplishment, and the customer is happy that they get their item back so quickly. Or even while they wait, as in the case of Joe Savage's boxed cushion seat top that he uses nightly for playing pedal steel guitar. Must serve doctors and working musicians immediately, as any delay might affect their important schedules!

A slim-lined mid century rocking chair has come in and this will be done in qood order, as I've done a few of these (will post later to show the variety of fabric effects). This one was purchased by client at a garage sale for $3.00 and just think how it's served in it's time and how contemporary it still is. The final bill for this on par with something a person could pick up from Ikea, but it's life span triple, quadruple that of anything from a big box store.

We won't bother with applying decorative tacks to this new covering, they'll just get lost in the pattern and I do love to blindstitch as you can see, I chose to close the back in this way as well. Why riddle the thing with staples? It'll make it that much quicker for the next upholsterer - in 20 years.

A wicker chair probably from the 20's has come in to have a better fitting cushion made for the seat and to upholster the small portion of inside/outside back. A DIY was attempted here, then abandoned as the owner ran out of time to do it themselves and wasn't quite sure how to go about it.

People often ask to repurpose an older textile or something they have around the house for a new upholstery application. I'm happy to oblige when possible. It should arrive clean and ready to take apart or already have been rendered down ready to reuse. One woman gave me a suede skirt of hers to cut up and use as welt cording! I don't mind this at all, if the customer is willing to pay for the extra time it takes to create the desired effect. Here, I'll just find the best sections and use the customer's old softly faded cotton velvet drapes, for a desired "well worn" sculpted cushion and upholstered inside-back for the antique wicker chair.

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