Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Rocker...Thornton, Cochran, Perkins...?

Early American rocker, that is. More specific I can't say. Oak. Turned stretchers, still a factory piece from any given decade between 1890 and 1920. Will go to owners office after being in storage in the basement lo these many years, and will lend a homey touch, I'm sure. Have had a few clients now wishing to imbue their professional away-from-home offices with a homey, personal touch. I love helping out with this. A friend of mine told me he had Big Mama Thornton's flamestitch sofa in his office for years. It should probably be in a museum, but I wonder if he still has it? I'll have to email him in Tennesee and ask...

This takes all of 55 minutes, you can imagine. Customer ordered a pleasing tooled leather round from Rocklers (also available thru Tandy, DIY, or special request to me) and it's simply stapled while taking care to work within the confines of the rockers' cut margin for seat. Finally, decorative nails are placed to cover staples.

On to the next project. You can see it just behind this little rocker - a spoonbacked chair who's frame has been reglued, springs rewebbed and tied, waiting for the selection of fabric by the owner. Will also proceed on a tufted swivel chair that someone thought not worth keeping, but I disagree. It's mechanism and frame smooth and sound, the comfort of this small tub chair will be fantastic.

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