Thursday, April 9, 2009

Upholding In A Vintage Dayton's Boucle Suit

Many of you (or all one of you or...maybe ? one?) know that I always have a collection of vintage clothing, bric-a-brac etc, as a living, breathing, multiplying entity in my household. I was pleased to find while library searching in London once, that in days of yore, upholsterer's were ones who "upholded" households for the living and settled things upon death, such as estates - redistribution of clothing, housewares, furnishings, etc. when the need arose. Not only could they reliably restore your favorite Knoll sofa, but they could see to it that you were buried in it. This is truly my calling! How many times have I said to myself, "...if you could just get into the funeral business... The Loved One - a great book and movie. The American Way of Death - another favorite...I could do that..!" Well, After many successful plaid jackets and satin cumberbunds have been sold on ebay (seller fablucat), as well as my old-Saint-Paul matchbook collection among other things, I now have opened yet another etsy shop, Great Vintage, just for vintage clothing, accessories and decorative arts. Nothing morbid here, not yet, I'm still learning the Ets Ropes. I just learned about Memorial jewelry on Antiques Roadshow last week - fascinating.... Anyway, Etsy shoppers, like the old Pall Mall slogan, seem to be where particular people congregate. They want to see clothes on a model and items propped, prepped, made to look slick. And it is pretty cute for the most part. This is a lot more work than the old days when the millenium was young, of hanging clothes on a dressform and waiting for the sun to light up the dining room so I could get some good pics. Okay, that was a lot of work too...but model Rose made it so much fun and was so lovely in all the great vintage we could put her in. Etsy only lets you do 5 images, so here's the rest from the series, "1960's Dayton's Boucle Tweed Suit".

Rose Starring In: Take This Job and Shove It



  1. Hey, Helen,
    These are such great photos! It looks like you had loads of fun with it, and your friend Rose is totally working that suit!

  2. I am loving this! Rose is totally owning that suit - and shoving that job!


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