Sunday, April 12, 2009

Still Life With Rose

New Etsy store Great Vintage listing...a black silk chiffon dress I date from the 60's, owing to it's zipper with placket up center back, and band at natural waist. Even so, it definitely has an Edwardian feel, what with the S-curve of wide cut bodice, cap sleeves and blousoned back. It's handmade with fantastic detail, even though it's condition is less than perfect. I'd wear it... if it fit, which it doesn't. Still it's worth having, especially to pattern from. What does this have to do with upholstery? Garment fashion always informs interior fashions and vice versa. Any day now you'll see in a magazine, expensive club chairs trimmed out with decorative nails in this dresses' embroidered pattern. Or a reinterpretation of it in wallpaper.

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