Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mid Century Modern Danish Chair - Etsy Alchemy

Sold this chair on Etsy last month and was waiting the arrival of fabric from Pottery Barn. The customer in Virginia asked for a custom order of sewn cushions from her preferred fabric to replace the black high-traffic chenille that I put on the new foam inserts to sell the chair. She had linen pattern "Serafina" shipped directly to me.

New elastic webbing spans the foundational support of the frame. You can buy this as a DIY Danish Webbing Repair Kit either at my etsy store helenmillerhandcraft, or on ebay, or call and I'll provide this service for you. Below shows a quick inspection of received yardage.

The fabric is charming. Pottery Barn's inspiration for this print comes from a study of Tree of Life motif's on Indian Palampores, such as this one owned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Confirmation was given that cushion seams be topstitched for a clean line on this highly patterned linen. A successful long-distance project!

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  1. Do you have any more of this fabric? I am looking to purchase some. Pottey Barn discontinued it.


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