Sunday, April 12, 2009

1930's Over Stuffed - Jacquard Woven III With Velvet

An old sofa and side chair living beneath shrimpy pink slipcover til the family just couldn't stand it anymore. Chose a vintage look of  pattterned fabric on cushion tops, and frame in solid coordinating color.  Chenille woven pattern was Scribbles and solid cotton velvet is Pembroke both by Robert Allen Design.  This was a satisfying project in that the effects were so dramatic from what they'd been living with.  The companion chair was also reupholstered, as well as a midcentury blonde wood pull-up side-chair rocker that you can see in the background in one or two shots here. More on those later.

The marshall spring unit cushions no longer fit the sofa and this happens  when the spring-covering fabric, an inner burlap or muslin deteriorates and the cotton and curled hair padding sinks through, no longer giving correct dimensions to the cushions. But I fixed all that.  Full restoration here.

Kids get really excited when furniture is reupholstered and brought back into the household. The delivery puts them over the edge and they can't wait to jump on it! That's just what happened here, but there was a sharp reprimand from the parent..haha!

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