Thursday, April 30, 2009

1930's Overstuffed Armchair - Pollack Sedan Plush"Grenadine"

What is the most important seat in the house? To a writer, it may be an Aeron chair pulled up to a desk in front of a wide window with a gritty city view. It may be a chaise you have to lay down on, or for some it may be the bed. Some people write in bed, I'm sure... But for this novelist/poet owner, a 1930's overstuffed with paddlearms wide enough to accomodate writing paper, sketchpad, a stack of books, photos, news clippings, paper correspondence, a toddler and maybe even a mug of something hot and invigorating could all fit on these ample arms. Thick textured and long-wearing like mohair was the desire and it had to be crimson. This Pollack Sedan Plush in color Grenadine is just the ticket. It is moderately priced, easy to work with - heavier than cotton velvet, as supple and lustrous as silk mohair.

Just a few things found in this chair. Small cent coins from the Bahamas, paperclips, a barbie tiara, blue marble, a half of a wheat cracker...

Very pretty curves to this chair, very feminine. All springs retied and curled hair padding replaced with the addition of new layers of cotton just under upholstery fabric. Cushion is a new feather down envelope surrounding a 3" foam insert, giving it more loft.

Handsewing the back. Sometimes I choose to do this rather than the quicker application of flexstrip, because I enjoy to blindstitch! I can sometimes capture the curve better this way. And a final image of a topview of the chair. Look how this fabric glows!


  1. One of my favorite parts of tear down is the treasure factor! How many remotes can we find?

    This chair is beautiful Helen! Very nice.

  2. I like your blog! Except I'm a writer I don't have an Aeron chair. I found a site called and it was so cheap.

  3. I've been buying chairs like this and having them reupholstered every since I re-did my grandfather's chair and fell in love with using it for writing. My dream had been to do my grandfather's chair in the original mohair, but at $300 a yard, that was SO out of the question. I was interested by the plush that you used, and may give that a try.
    --Karen from Seattle.


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