Wednesday, April 8, 2009

1930's Over Stuffed - Jacquard Woven I

My good friend B.J.'s chair. This had lived at the family cabin in Minnesota's Iron Range for ages - it was the dog's chair. The dog being whatever canine existed in any given decade between 1938 and 200? B.J. brought it to her new home overlooking Lake McCarron in Roseville where again, it's become the dog's chair. This time, helper dog Grace Louise -although I've mostly seen her lounging on the chaise in the same 4 season's porch room...

More channels! These were super popular in the 30's and 40's. They feel good on your back, like rows of fingers, massaging and holding you near - containing you. Yes, yes containing, like any good piece of furniture should do. What more can one ask from a chair?.

The fabric selected is just perfect for this application.  A smooth-faced jacquard that dog hair will be easy to brush off, looking contemporary but also complimentary to the era of this nearly antique frame.

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